Computational physics course

Dear students,

Please download the pdf file made for the lectures.

## Please look at the last page of the lecture note (linked below) for the detail of the assignments. Important!! Please also look at Report_tips. Here I explain how to draw isosurfaces with xcrysden, which I forgot to explain in the lecture. Here I also explain how to install QE version 5 since QE version 6 does not work when calculating the Born effective charge. Please install QE5. Sorry for inconvenience (2018-05-30).


1st version (2018-04-04)

Computational Physics Course 2018 summer

Supplement (2018-04-010)

Thomas Fermi model

Supplement (2018-04-011)


Supplement (2018-04-16)

About the local spin density functional

PPT for ACFD (2018-04-18)

Adiabatic connection